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Year Five

What to Expect in Year Five


In Maths this term we will be learning and identifying different representations of decimals and percentages. Exploring the link between fractions, decimals and percentages and how to use and apply them in problem solving situations. We will reason further into shape: the properties of shape; recognising and drawing quadrilaterals as polygons; and identifying nets of 3D shapes. Focusing on measure, we will revise metric units of weight, capacity and length, whilst converting between different units.


A series of creative writing lessons based around the novel Holes by the author Louis Sachar. Children will be getting into character to write letters and diaries from various characters point of view to retell events from the book. A focus on improving our openers, expanding our vocabulary banks and introducing punctuation such as brackets, dashes and commas.


During this term in Science we will be studying Earth and Space where the children will learn all there is about space. Starting with the Solar System, they look next at how ideas about space have changed over time, before finally exploring what causes us to experience night and day on Earth.
It guarantees to be an out of this world experience!!!


In History we will be exploring how to use a variety of sources to establish what life was like when Hadrian’s Wall was built, investigate the rise of The Berlin Wall, demonstrate their knowledge of significant walls in history and to investigate the defense and attack features of different types of castles.


Walls and Barricades is again our focus for Geography as we delve further into the reasons for comparing and contrasting the information that can be obtained through the use of an atlas or Google Earth when investigating The Great Wall of China.


This half term in ICT, Year Five will take on the role of coders to create an interactive game through the use of different algorithms by using software such as Scratch.


In Music we will look at telling the story of The Heroes of Troy through song.


This term in P.E we will be applying our techniques and skills learnt in gymnastics to incorporate equipment and apparatus into our routines. Alongside gymnastics, we will be developing our ball skills outdoors, playing in friendly matches of football against one another.

Art and Design

Studying the work of Banksy, in Art we will look at the techniques of graffiti, including font style, colours and layers used to create a piece of graffiti artwork. Design Technology will see the children using the influence of layers within walls to design and make a layered piece of textile art.


In R.E our focus this term will be on gaining knowledge and understanding about Christian teaching on behaviour and action. Through exploring some Christian teachings children develop their understanding that beliefs affect action and behaviour. They build upon their understanding of the links between their own attitudes and behaviour and religious values by developing their ability to ask questions about the basis for moral choices and decisions.

Meet the Year Five Teachers

Meet the Year Five Teachers

In Literacy, we will be looking at Michael Morpurgo’s Kensuke’s Kingdom as a stimulus for a range of genres including persuasive writing (including balanced argument), diary, newspaper articles, descriptive writing and letter writing.

In Numeracy, we are focusing on place value and using this to help us with our written methods for multiplication and division. We are looking at the relationships between fractions, decimals and percentages. Another focus is the properties of shape. We will develop our problem solving involving reasoning and algebra. We are using rounding and estimating to help check calculations and interpreting timetables.

In Science, we will be putting on our lab coats and entering the world of science by looking at Properties and Changes of Materials. We will be linking it to our Wild Waters topic and investigating a range of different materials and what occurs when they are mixed!

In the second half of the Autumn Term we will be focussing on the topic of Wild Waters. We will be learning about the importance of rivers in our locality as well as the uses of water across the world. We will also look at Rivers across their world and the effect on the environment around them. Art will be linked to water with a focus on the artists of Claude Monet and Georgia O’Keeffe and the creation of our own watercolour. Music too will also be based on a water theme, where the children will create their own water music.

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