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Year Four

What to Expect in Year Four

This half term Year 4 will be travelling the world and experiencing what food is like in different countries and cultures. We will be looking at artwork created by the Italian artist Guiseppe Archimboldo using fruit and vegetables and studying different countries.

In English, we will be studying David Walliams ‘The Boy in the Dress.’ We will be exploring dilemmas and some of the issues that arise from them. As well as this, we will be writing balanced arguments, focusing on the topic of whether children should wear school uniforms. Towards the end of the term, we will use Michael Rosen’s ‘Chocolate Cake’ to inspire work on poetry.

In Maths, we will be consolidating our mastery approach by continuing our understanding of fractions. We will then further improve our mathematical knowledge as we start to learn about decimals. We will continue our arithmetic skills and instant recall on Fridays.

In Science, we will be needing our instruments and voice boxes as we explore how sound is made, how we change pitch and volume and investigating what materials are best for soundproofing.

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