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Year Four

What to Expect in Year Four

Our topic for the first half of this summer term is ‘Crime and Punishment’. Year 4 can look forward to a wide range of work relating to crime and punishment throughout the ages. Much of our work across the curriculum will be based on this topic.

In English, we will be exploring instructional texts and their features. We will be creating some very in depth instructions about how to make the perfect cup of tea as well as how to look after a pet! This half term we will also study reference texts, where we will be writing some factual information about Wylde Green Primary School. We will finish the term by looking at key reading and SPaG skills.

In Maths, we will be consolidating our mastery approach by continuing our understanding of statistics. We will then further improve our mathematical knowledge as we start to learn about geometry and shape! Finally we will learn all about position and movement, including coordinates and translation.

In Science, we will be using our scientific enquiry skills to find out how clouds form, the best place to dry our washing and how ice can be solid and a liquid all through the study of states of matter.

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