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Year Four

What to Expect in Year Four

In topic, we will continue our study of the Roman period. The Romans have now settled and we are going to look at what they left behind!

Throughout the half term we will look at the importance and purpose of Roman mosaics. We will use our creative skills to make our own roman armour and weaponry. All resulting in our very own Roman Rule performance at the end of term!

In English, we will be studying David Walliams ‘The Boy in a Dress.’ We will be exploring dilemmas and some of the issues that arise from them. As well as this, we will be focusing on newspaper reports. We will become reporters as we write about different events!

In Maths, we will be consolidating our mastery approach by continuing our understanding of fractions. We will then further improve our mathematical knowledge as we start to learn about decimals. We will continue our arithmetic skills and instant recall on Fridays.

In Science, we will be using our scientific enquiry skills to find out how clouds form, the best place to dry our washing and how ice can be solid and a liquid all through the study of states of matter.

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