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Year Three

What to Expect in Year Three

All our work this term will be based around ‘Meet the Flintstones’. Children will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the Stone, Iron and Bronze Age, identifying connections, contrasts and trends over time, discovering and taste testing a typical caveman diet and where and what is Skara Brae. Children will also learn how to create a caveman painting inspired by Charles Darwin and ‘Evolution’. During the topic children will learn about how the ‘stone age’ has influenced and impacted on today’s society and the modern day world. During the topic we will be inviting children to dress up and become a caveman for the day!

In Literacy during the Summer Term, children in Year 3 can look forward to learning about the history of the Stone, Iron ad Bronze age through a variety of texts (primarily ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King) and visual aids. Children will have the opportunity to create a fantasy story, a character analysis and a booklet detailing the life of a typical caveman or woman.

In Numeracy we will be continuing to develop and apply our understanding of place value and written calculation methods. We will also continue to explore fractions and measurement in more detail and allowing children time to build on their understanding with brand new resources and practical activities!

In Science we will be looking at ‘Light and Shadow’ and exploring, the differences between light and day, identifying different sources of light (natural and man-made), further our understanding of how light is reflected from surfaces and investigating how shadows behave.

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