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Year Three

What to Expect in Year Three


In Literacy during the Spring Term, children in Year 3 can look forward to learning about a variety of different myths, legends and fables as well as re-telling the story of the Chinese New Year. Children will explore biography writing and report writing. Later in the term children will have the opportunity to create a performance poem.

All our work this term will be based around China. Children will have the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture, traditions and the geographical locations of landmarks within this country. During the topic we will be having a Chinese themed day as well as allowing children to visit an authentic Chinese restaurant to sample foods and ask members of the Chinese community in Birmingham questions about their culture. We will also be linking in the Chinese New Year!


In Numeracy we will be developing and applying our understanding of place value and written calculation methods. We will also continue to explore fractions and shape, space and measure in more detail and allowing children time to build on their understanding with brand new resources and practical activities!


In Science, we will be exploring animals including humans. We will be developing our understanding of healthy balanced diets, skeletons, skeletal muscles and how they help us to move. We will also be creating our own questionnaires and practical experiments to investigate the diets of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

We will also be continuing to learn French, learning how to explain our age, where we live and the days of the week.

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