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Year Three

What to Expect in Year Three

In Literacy, during the second part of Spring Term, children in Year 3 can look forward to exploring the story of Robinson Crusoe. We will be describing the feelings he experienced throughout his journey and going on to write our own ending to the adventure. In addition, we will be writing instructions for extreme survival. Finally, we will end the topic with descriptive poetry.

All our work this term will be based around Extreme Survival. Children will have the opportunity to learn about surviving in different climates and environments, in different locations around the world. We will be learning about how humans and animals survive as well as designing and creating real-life shelters!

In Maths we will be developing our understanding of measurement. We will be exploring units of measure, converting equivalent lengths and applying our knowledge of written calculation methods. We will also begin to explore fractions and allow children time to build on their understanding with exciting resources and practical activities!

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