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Year Two

 What to Expect in Year 2


During Literacy this half term we will be studying Indian myths and legends. We will be exploring Indian characters and settings whilst concentrating on using adjectives to make our writing more interesting and starting our sentences in different ways.

We will also be creating a report about India, looking at Indian culture, food and landmarks. Children will be using titles, opening paragraphs and subheadings to structure their reports and then using this information to compare India to Great Britain.


During Numeracy this half term we will be furthering children’s knowledge and understanding of place value through the 4 operations and continuing to develop their written methods through word problems, investigations, four a day and verbal reasoning. Children will be encouraged to use various resources and stimuli to help further their mathematical skills and understanding. We also be multiplying and dividing, building on children’s times table facts, particularly the 2, 5 and 10s. Children will be interpreting and constructing simple pictograms, tally charts and block diagrams through statistics. This half term we will also be starting to look at properties of 2D shapes, including identifying number of sides and vertical lines.


The focus of our topic this half term is ‘India’. Children will use an atlas to locate key cities within the country as well as locate India in the world. Through the topic, children will discover wildlife native to India as well as learn Yoga and Cricket, which are popular sports in India. Children will also have the opportunity to eat traditional Indian food as well as re-create Indian art.

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