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Year One

What to Expect in Year One

During Literacy this half term, we will be concentrating on using capital letters for names of people, places, days of the week and the pronoun ‘I’. We will be extending our sentences using conjunctions such as and, but, so and because. We will also be improving our sentences by including expanded noun phrases (using 2 adjectives in front of a noun). We will also be developing our knowledge of punctuation by using question marks and exclamation marks.
We will be writing a rhyming poem on animals and describing characters and settings from a story by Anthony Browne. We will also write instructions using time openers and finish the term by writing a letter.

This half term, we will continue with our work on subtraction, using ten frames, practical objects, part whole models and a number line to solve subtraction word problems. Our key vocabulary will include less than, count back, subtract, take away, minus and find the difference. Next, we will move on to recognising and naming 2D and 3D shapes. The children will explore and sort the shapes using their knowledge of properties, such as the number of edges, vertices and faces. Our final Maths topic this half term will be place value. We will learn more about numbers to 20, reading and writing numbers both in numerals and in words. We will use tens and ones to represent numbers, find one more and one less and compare and order numbers from 0 to 20 and 20 to 0.

The focus of our topic this half term is Toys. Children will have the opportunity to compare their modern toys with toys from the past by asking questions such as ‘Which material is the rocking horse made from?’ They will learn about toys from around the world and will also design, make and evaluate a peg doll and a moving toy within their Design and Technology learning.

In Science, we are continuing our topic of ‘Everyday Materials’. The children will focus on sorting materials into different groups. They will go on to investigating the most suitable material for a teacup and identify objects that are transparent and opaque. They will also use different materials to make a rainmaker and other instruments.

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