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Year One

Welcome to Year 1 at Wylde Green Primary School!

Please read the attached letter for information to help your child settle in smoothly to school.

Reception and Year 1 Welcome Letter

What to Expect in Year One

In Literacy we will be focusing on traditional tales from other cultures such as ‘The Tiger Child’. We will be using drama to help us to sequence to the key events and understand the main characters. A continued focus in Year 1 is the use of 2 adjectives before a noun to create an expanded noun phrase. We will also include varied punctuation within our writing such as exclamation marks and question marks. Secondly, we will be writing recount texts using time openers to sequence events as well as adverbs to describe.

In Numeracy this half term Year 1 will be looking at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

They will then move onto measures. They will look at length, height and weight. The children will make comparisons and learn to use the correct language to make comparisons. They will be using a lot of practical activities in order to discuss these.

Following this, the children will apply their knowledge on measures to solve problems and explain their reasoning. We will encourage children to use the A.P.E. (Answer it, Prove it, Explain it structure to their answers.

The focus of our topic this half term is Poles Apart. Children will be identifying the 7 continents of the world, especially focusing on Arctic and Antarctica. They will find out what animals live there and how they have adapted to the climate. The children will also recreate a picture of the Northern lights in Art and then make comparisons between cold and hot continents.

In Science, we will be carrying out simple investigations, drawing conclusions and discussing how we can ensure it is a fair test. Each Science lesson we will try to answer a ‘Big Question’. This half term our Big Questions will be related to the topic of ‘Everyday Materials’, for example, “Which material would be suitable to make sunglasses?”

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